The Trash Talk


The Trash Talk

Humans are inconsiderate to the environment and most people do not recycle. We want to encourage humans to be conscious of the trash they throw out!

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Bill of Materials

  • Particle Photon x 1

  • Breadboard x 1

  • DF Mini Player x 1

  • Micro SD Card x 1

  • Speaker x 1

  • Linear Actuator x 1

  • Pololu VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier x 1

  • Power Supply 12V 5A x 1

  • Jack Barrel x 1

  • Google AIY Vision Kit x 1 (Here)

  • Jumper Wires

  • Resistor

Casing Materials

  • 1/8 inch Foam Core of 36 in by 72 in x 1

  • Fabric (Canvas)

  • Tacky Glue


Follow the fritzing diagram on the right! Make sure you’re using the right pins!



Follow the code here.

Casing Template

The device’s casing have to be cut by hand. You can follow the template here but feel free to change the dimensions to fit your trashcan!