Stay Shushed, Stupid!


Stay Shushed, STUPID!

Have you ever wanted to shut someone up but you felt too shy or timid to do so? This device will instinctively shut people up for you so you everyone can have a quiet working space.

sss icons.png




  • Particle Photon x 1

  • Breadboard x 1

  • Sparkfun Sound Detector x 1

  • DF Mini Player x 1

  • Micro SD Card x 1

  • Speaker x 1

  • LED x 3

  • OLED Display x 1

  • Jumper Wires

  • Resistor

Casing Materials

  • 1/8 inch Plywood Sheets of 12 inch by 12 inch x 1

  • Fabric (Canvas)

  • Velcro

  • Needle and Thread

  • Wood Glue and Hot Glue


Follow the fritzing diagram on the right! Make sure you’re using the right pins!



Use the code we wrote for our device here.

Casing Template

Download our casing template here and laser cut your casing parts on 1/8 inch plywood sheets.

Sew the canvas fabric to match the height of the wood casing. Make sure to sew on Velcro attachments before you hot glue the canvas onto the casing. Do not glue 2-3 inch of canvas next to the Velcro fastening so you can have access to fix circuitry if needed.

Final Casing for Stay Shushed, Stupid!