Reinventing Fourier’s Phalanstery

Utopia is an ideal society. However, the idea of Utopia is lost within spectacles and entertainment. The pursuit of a utopia in the present day has become fleeting, instead of an ideal society, people look for short-term escapes. Contrasting with Fourier’s emphasis on equality and communal efforts in his Phalanstery, the meaning of utopia has changed with society’s increased reliance on technology and virtual networking.

Los Angeles is covered with asphalt and suburbs with a lack of arable land. In order to counter this effect, housing, parking, and vegetation are blurred together as one. Traditional parking lots are transformed to have multiple functions with vegetation growing above. Housing units are integrated with farming walls and rooftop farms. Traditional farming methods with a mix of sustainable technology, hydroponic systems, and greywater system are integrated into the housing complex. The transition of urban to agriculture needs to be mediated together to create a sustainable method of compromising lifestyles into one harmonious community like Fourier’s Phalanstery.

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