Engineering Design Fundamentals
Team: Janice Chen, Sarthak Giri, Anna Lawn, Xiaolin Yang, and Logan Uretsky

This project required our team to identify a common household problem and develop a design concept to solve this problem.

Our focus was on: Outdoors/Lawn and Garden

As a team member, my main role as a designer was to create the main graphics for the physical product and storyboard.

Identifying the Problem

As a team, we needed to narrow down our broad category into a specific focus to tackle. We utilize a fishbone diagram to pinpoint our point of interest. We were extremely curious on how we can solve the problem of ‘the lack of’ outdoor space/garden. Knowing our direction, we created an objective tree to plan out what the functions of the product would be that could meet our objective.

Objective Tree

From these processes we found our true objective:

This project aims to create an interactive, connected product that allows users to grow healthy plants in a limited space while learning and engaging in the process.

Use Case Flow Path

Concept Sketches

Functional Requirements

  • Single unit 24”x 8”x 8”
  • Weigh no more than 50 lbs total.
  • Capacity to hold 20 liters of soil and 5 liters of water.
  • Function effectively at indoor north american plant growing extremes of 0 C-45 C (optimal indoor temperature for growing plants is 16 C-27 C)
  • Function effectively from 5% – 95% humidity (optimal humidity for growing is from 60%-65% humidity)
  • Withstand 4 ft drop without damage

Material: UV Stabilized Polypropylene (PP)

Final Design and Storyboard