Don’t Get Burnt Toaster

TeamNandita Adityan, Janice Chen, Shenghui Jia, Isabelle Millis Tannenbaum, Hanyuan Zhang
Design a toaster that meets customer and technical requirements and reduces the cost of materials, manufacturing & assembly.

Identify functional requirements, disassemble existing toaster, parts and cost analysis, ideation, and final concept analysis

Toaster Background | Proctor Silex 2 Slice Toaster

Dimensions: 6.5 x 11.4 x 7.8 inches
Weight: 2.6 lb
Retail Price: $12.99


  • 2 Slice Capacity
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Lever and Timer Knob

Functional Requirement Decompositions

Functional Requirements Questions

So, what is the most critical functional requirement for us to solve?

Assessment & Analysis

We disassembled the toaster better to understand the function and purpose of each part while eliminating the unnecessary parts to streamline design and material cost.

Quality Function Deployment Assessment

Based on our QFD, we identified 5 areas of improvement in our current toaster design:

  1. Users should be able to lift bread without burning their hands
  2. The toaster should be visually pleasing
  3. User should be able to remove bread crumbs easily
  4. Shade selector should produce consistently accurate results
  5. The toaster should toast evenly on both sides


As a team, we ideated through sketches and concept creations that can meet our 5 critical functional requirements without compromising on design and engineering.

Final Concept